5 Questions You Must Ask When Buying Vintage or Antique Items


Hi there! Welcome to Old Things Made New, where we will explore what it looks like to shop and recreate old, vintage, or antique items. Have you ever wanted to use old things, but were unsure of how to implement the pieces into your wardrobe or home? If so, this blog will help you discover the art of giving an old object new life! In order to begin this journey, there are five questions you must ask yourself before bringing home old items.

1: What is the design of the piece?

This is an important question because the design of the piece is initially what draws us in. If we walk into a room, and see something that catches our eye, we immediately walk over to examine the item. We see it with our eyes, and then pick up the piece to feel it’s surface. At this point, we are using our senses to see the beauty of the item. The concept of design and beauty has always played a part in different time periods ideas of popular fashion, art, and aesthetics. For example, there are different types of design genres that range from Mid-Century Modern to curvy elaborate French Furniture, or from 60s Mod dresses to 90s denim from head to toe. Paying attention to the design of the object while shopping will help you discover what your personal tastes and style preferences are.(Check out my article on Carpet Patterned Fabric)

2: Is it desirable?

Once you narrow down what your tastes in design are, you need to think about your desire for the object. Ask yourself if you would actually use the item in your wardrobe or your houseĀ before bringing the item home. The trick is to think about how you would specifically use the item in the future. For me, this is the most important question because it is easy to find cool things, but most of the time those random cool things will end up sitting in the corner unused just for me to lose interest in the object. This leads to a lot of clutter or junk sitting around with no hope to resell the item because it is not truly desirable or useful. The item should bring you a significant amount of joy!

3: What condition is it in?

Next, you need to examine what condition the item is in. This is an obvious question to ask, but it should not be overlooked. It almost never pays to own an item that is in poor condition unless it is purely decorative. You should only buy an imperfect piece if you think you can make it into something perfect! Check for things like cracks, chips, workmanship, stitching, and fabric texture!

4: Would it make a nice accent piece?

This is the fun part! A vintage or antique accent piece in your closet or your home can really make your sense of style shine. Owning a piece that is old and rare is a gift to your specific style because the probability of someone else owning the item is low. We all admire the latest trend-setters in today’s fashion world, but owning a statement piece that no one else you know has makes YOU the trendsetter! There is a popular saying: “If it’s unique- consider it! If it’s an antique- consider it! But if it’s a unique antique- buy it!” (Check out my article on accent belts)

5: Could I find a way to make this item even better?

Last, but certainly not least, you should look to see if there are ways to add even more value to the old items you collect by adding your own personal touch. I have always loved crafts and finding ways to embellish seemingly forgotten things. Moving forward, I will share posts that will show you that you can add pizazz to your vintage pieces by adding DIY (Do-It-Yourself) details. For example, we will look at sprucing up antique furniture, adding details to your old denim pieces, and ways to decorate your living space with knick-knacks from second-hand shops! (Check out my article on distressing an old wardrobe)

So… the moral of the story is to buy old things that will bring new joy, value, and creativity into your life.

See you soon for more tips on making old things new!


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