10 Influencers Who Are Making a Movement In Sustainable Living

Hello everyone! As you know, this blog talks a lot about sustainable fashion and living, and today I thought I’d share 10 people who are making waves in promoting this particular lifestyle! I have learned a lot about sustainability and upcycling from these influencers/brands listed below, and I think you will too. The links to their pages are next to the names so just give them a click and explore the many wonderful approaches to sustainable living.

Suzy Coassin: @momagency

Suzy, an amazing interior designer, gives phenomenal decorating tips and ideas for how to use the most unique pieces in a living space. I think her designs are very natural and organic, and she is great at using plants to fill in the empty spaces as well! She began in Australia as a professional interior decorator, and now her and her family live in New York City! Her social media and website pages show just how talented she is because she has such an eye for a well-balanced modern bohemian look.

Reformation Brand: Reformation

This brand puts the effort in making you look effortless. Seriously, what they do is amazing. On their website, they state the following about their wonderful fabrics, “We make our pieces from super sustainable materials, rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing. As we grow, our goal is to push harder to create more sustainable fabric options.” Their clothing designs give off an effortless silhouette that truly celebrates femininity.

reformation clothing ad
Reformation Ad Campaign

 Madi Reimer: @madireimer

This Instagram influencer has made ethical fashion a priority in her life. She is always modeling the cutest sustainable brands, and giving helpful tips on which brands are actually not sustainable at all. Her page is a great place to go if you are looking for small sustainable businesses to promote by purchasing their clothing and accessories.

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman: @abeautifulmess

This fabulous sister team’s motto is “stay home and make something”! What I love most about these ladies is that they promote a “do-it-yourself” lifestyle, which inspires people to learn, create, and not worry about failing because they show that life is better when it’s a little bit messy! Their site has blown up in the past few years, and I think that it is because of the wonderful message they are sharing. A Beautiful Mess is something you should definitely look into as they share home decor projects, recipes, natural beauty tips, and lifestyle tips!

Jenny (Wear I Live): @wearilive

Wear I l Live is a prominent YouTube account where Jenny begins conversations about sustainability, her daily routines, and also thrift hauls. If you are visually minded, I would definitely explore this page because she is very inspiring and engaging when it comes to ethical fashion. Just glancing at her photos and videos will have you wanted to begin your sustainable lifestyle journey right away.

 madi reimer
Madi Reimer

Morgan (The Happy Cocoon) : @thehappycocoon

This mom is showing that sustainability is possible… even when you are supporting a family. In her Instagram bio, she uses the hashtag “#broughttoyoubythrifting”, which immediately drew me in the first time I saw her page. She is an interior designer that partners with companies like Suitely that teams up with a variety of different artisans and curates beautiful collections of furniture.

Judy Aldridge : Atlantis Home

On her website Judy explains: “Eight years ago, I began my brand, Atlantis Home, to collectively preserve the beautiful evolution of my style, images of my ever-changing home, and to show off the textiles I had come across during my travels, especially those that I have a deep love for.” She mixes bohemian, up-cycled, and classic styles that help give you an individualized style for your own home. They get their items by traveling to different countries and various flea markets from all over the world to create eclectic pieces for your home.

Imparfaite Brand: @imparfaiteparis

This brand serves as a marketplace reference for your vintage clothes. You will be able to discover the most dreamy vintage clothing inspiration photos and also tips on how to shop vintage. When you do shop vintage Imparfaite pieces on their site, you will find a beautiful selection of French curated clothing from the coolest vintage shops! All of their clothes are pre-loved and their beautiful photos make their brand so much more charming!

Lisa Says Gah: @lisasaysgah

LSG Founder, Lisa Buhler, says that the brand is “Focused on connecting you with truly special pieces and people, Lisa Says Gah is a space to shop, discover new independent designers, and most importantly, a space to find inspiration. So sit back, relax, and say, ‘Gah!'” Basically, their clothing is eclectic and artsy while also extremely simple. It is the perfect brand to shop if you love fashion, but also want to feel cool in your clothes. They are also really great at promoting other brands on their site, which helps you find other sustainable brands! Make sure you follow along with their fun blog as well!

rouje paris. jeanne damas
Rouje Creator, Jeanne Damas

Jeanne Damas:  @rouje

Doesn’t it seem like all media outlets and magazines are telling you to do everything like a French girl? Well, just go ahead and add this blog to that list of people because this French girl is doing things right! Jeanne Damas started Rouje as a brand that creates the most stunning dresses, understated prints, and breezy cotton blouses that aims to be effortless, feminine, and chic. Her tightly edited line of clothing is perfect for any occasion because it can be dressed up or down, and the pieces are SO easy to style.

With all that said “Au Revoir” for now! I hope the blogs that I listed above will be influential on your ethical living journey whatever way that looks like. All of these brands and influencers approach sustainable style differently, and it shows that you can be your own unique and stylish person while also doing well for the environment and yourself!

Comment below and tell me about your favorite influencers!



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