Mini Digital Magazine on Vintage Homemaking Skills

Hello there friends! I am so excited about todays blog post because I created a mini zine on vintage homemaking skills. The things I listed will save you money in the long run, and they promote sustainable living. In this fast-paced world that is only going to keep moving even more quickly… take the time to slow down and be intentional about what you create, eat, and do with the time you have here in the world around the people you love. But speaking of love…

I would love it if you would do two things for me!

1. Open this digital magazine, and explore some of the “vintage skills” I have listed to incorporate into your modern, fast-paced lifestyle.

2. Then, leave a comment to tell me which idea or ideas you will try to start using to save you money! I love to get user feedback so just take a quick second to let me know!

Scroll down for the link!




20 thoughts on “Mini Digital Magazine on Vintage Homemaking Skills

  1. Wow! Thanks Old Things Made New for all of these awesome tips. I especially love the herb gardening section. Living in a big city, I didn’t think it was possible to grow healthy herbs in my apartment, but with the right amount of sunlight and a little water – anything is possible!

  2. I loved this ‘Zine!!! It had the wisdom of a grandmother with the wit of a millennial! So many fun and practical tips for a generation that has lost the art of homemaking! Thank you for taking the tame to share this, Alex!

  3. This digital magazine is so practical and useful! As a native New Yorker who had what I called a “fire escape garden,” I especially loved the section on gardening. Growing your own food is a rewarding experience no matter where you live. Here’s to saving money and an old fashioned work ethic! <3

  4. Your blog helped me to remember so many things that my parents did as I was growing up and shared with my siblings and I. I have gotten away from some of them but can honestly say there are several that I use on a regular basis. I was inspired regarding the herbal garden. I think that is a place where many of us can be successful and reap lots of benefits with a small investment of time and money. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to future blogs that you might be planning to share.

  5. Helped me to remember so.many of the things that my parents did as I was growing up and shared with my siblings and I. I am very appreciative of the information shared and am inspired to initiate several of your suggestions. The is a simple and inexpensive way to augment my grocery budget with little expense and time investment. Thank you for sharing. I look.forward to reading other blog’s you have posted.

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