About The Creator

Welcome to Old Things Made New!

My name is Alexandria, and I am a 21 year old student living in New York City. I created this blog because two of my favorite hobbies are shopping and crafting. I decided that I could mix these two passions I have together by purchasing old and forgotten things, and then making them new again. So over on the blog, I will share my vintage home decor projects, tips on “upcycling” thrifted clothes and accessories, and giving reasons why it is both fun and sustainable to make old things new again.

But before we officially begin, I’d like to tell you a little bit more about myself. First of all, I was raised in Mobile, Alabama, where I grew up going to the local Flea Market on Sundays for fun. My mom showed me from the time I started walking that the thrill of antique shopping comes from searching and searching until you find a unique piece that really stands out, and will bring joy to you in a way that buying items from commercial stores does not. Being the youngest child of 3, second-hand clothes and items have always been a part of my reality, but I figured out ways to make those items true to my own style. I learned that having style is not a measure of how much money you have to buy the newest items or the most trendy clothes, but it is having an eye to see the potential in certain pieces. Hopefully, you will begin to see that potential too as you embark on this journey with me.

In the meantime, here are some fun facts about me:

  1. My favorite color is orange.
  2. I am majoring in Media, Culture, and The Arts with a concentration in Media and Film Studies.
  3. I never remember to take the hair tie off of my wrist before important pictures.
  4. I have the first 30 elements of the Periodic Table memorized. In order. By heart.
  5. I am a big fan of fashion icons from the 60s, the French language, coffee mugs, and cats.

And always remember: Making something new again does not necessarily mean one has to dramatically change the way an item looks (even though that is fun too), but making something new means that the item gets to take on a new life that will bring joy to its new owner.